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North Delta

Overview of the park. A series of ledges and rails.

This is fairly new park, built by New Line and quite similar to the Port Moody park in design. It is classified as a medium size park at 12000 square feet. It is designed as a street style park, so there are tons of ledges and rails scattered throughout the park. It is well shaded by trees, which makes it nice for hot summer days. It generally isn't that busy. Unfortunately it is not lit, but apparently it will be at some point.

The focus of this park really is on ledges and rails. Dropping in from the start are a rail and a ledge that are just below tire height and a rail and a ledge over stairs that are just above tire height. In the middle of the park are a series of ledges that start a little above peg height. The ledges going towards the quarter drop at about 2 feet of the ground. There is a lot of potential for manual lines up on these ledges as they are a couple feet wide. Also giving you the ability to hit them from both sides. The pyramid and the hump on the left are next to two small ledges that follow the path of the pyramid, a little above peg height. Also on the pyramid is a low short yellow rail. On the other side of the central plaza are a low rail and a low ledge that are just a couple inches above peg height. Good to practice on. On the far end of the park is mellow quarter that stands about 3 and a half feet high with banks to the left and right of it. Cool to hip on, or to fly out. There is a small pyramid and hump on the left side, but they are pretty mellow.

Really no need to pedal in this park, just drop in and hit whatever ends up in front of you.

The park is in North Delta on 84th Ave. just east of 112th St. It's in an obviously parkish, Community Centre kind of area beside the Boys and Girls Club.

Take the 91 Highway and after you cross the Alex Fraser Bridge take the exit onto Nordel Way heading East. Drive up a huge hill and follow Nordell along until you reach 112th St. Turn right onto 112th St. and then turn left onto 84th Ave. The park will be on your left. If you are coming by public transit, take the Skytrain to Scott Road Station. Take the 312 bus and get off at Nordel (when you see the Subway restaurant). Ride East, up 84th Ave. a little way and your there.

If you get lost just check the street numbers. Avenues run East/West and Streets run North/South.

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A rail and a ledge dropping in just below tire height.

The central plaza. Low ledges, but lots of possibilities.

Mellow quarter at the back of the park.

Pyramid with low fast rail on top and ledges on either side.

The taller ledge and rail over the street stairs.

This blue rail and the ledge behind are just above peg height but very long. The rail is square and there is potential to manual or tire ride it.

A good ledge for a gap to manual. Ledge drops off and then leads into the mellow quarter at the back.