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Railside, Port Coquitlam

The Railside sign has coping on it and is totally rideable along with a few other things outside of the park.

I made it out to this park to session it for a couple of hours and I will say that it lives up to the hype. The bowl is really fun, not too huge, and has a nice capsule corner that's fun to carve through. Also the coping is made bike friendly with some steel laid into the deck in behind it. The street section is chock full of rails and ledges. There are some good lines where you can hit a bunch of stuff in a row. Just look at all the photos to see what I mean. Railside, or PoCo as we call it, is a realy fun park but it also get's pretty packed so go early.

If you are near Hastings or Downtown just take the 160 Port Coquitlam Centre bus straight from there. It's pretty fast. If not take the Millenium Line of the Skytrain out to Lougheed Station. You can either transfer at Broadway or you can take the train the other way through New Westminster. It's up to you. Get off the train at Lougheed Station and go down the stairs to the East. At the bottom you will see a bus loop. Get on the 97 B-Line and take it all the way to the Coquitlam Centre bus loop. You will go through Port Moody on your way so you could stop off and session that park if you wanted.

At the Coquitlam bus loop you want to transfer onto a 160 Port Coquitlam Centre. If you are on the 160 just keep looking to your right and you'll see the park when the bus goes past it. Or if that bus isn't there you can just ride the rest of the way instead of waiting. Head to the intersection and go East on Lougheed Hwy. You will pass a Superstore, a Subway and a Liquor Store, the Superstore has 35¢ pop machines. The Safeway across the street from the park also has cheap pop. On the third block you will hit a bridge. Cross the bridge and then take the bike path to your right. It's RIGHT after the bridge. Follow the bike path and keep looking to your left after the playground you'll see the basketball court and the skatepark.

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Here's another view of the Railside sign. It's actually a pretty fun ledge.

Looking along the outside of the park there are some quick ledges that are pretty fun to ride.

The chunk coming off the lower ledge ends up at almost bar height.

The other side of this ledge is really fun. It starts out at somewhere just under stem height and it's super slick.

Beside that is a peg high rail and a little manual box.

Looking into the main part of the street section there are a bunch of hubbas and a 9 stair rail.

Looking up now at one of the banks and a nice rail that spans across a chunk.

Over to the side is a big downslope ledge and a weird kinked rail.

Facing that bank is another bank with a hubba, a round rail and a cement picnic table.

The round rail is just a bit over tire height and the hubba is about the same.

Along the top of the park is a bunch of nice stuff in a line starting with a low hubba and a tire height square rail.

Next is a mellow pyramid with a round bar on it.

Next is this peak with a ledge beside it.

After that is a skinny rail that's good for crooked grinds and a long curved feeble ledge in the corner..

In the other corner is a small little flat bar that drops off a curb thing...

And a small rail and micro hubba.

Between the street section and the bowl there is a long ledge/wedge thing.

Panorama of the bowl. You can see how it gets deeper and deeper as you scroll to the right. There is a spine with a teardrop end and a pretty big vert extension. The deep end has a nice hip and a big, oververt capsule corner.

The bowl has steel coping as well as a 6" strip of sheet metal welded in behind it.

Lots of people still in the skatepark at dusk. About 25.

The basketball area was empty the whole time I was there. Park Boards, don't waste your money.