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Here's a panorama shot of the Abbotsford park.

Ahhhh the Abbotsford park, or as most of the locals have come to call it Abby. As you park your vehicle or not, and enter the park you find yourself on a large flat area with a grind ledge on each side, these have kinda become seating benches as you will find. Head a bit farther in and you are presented with a five foot wedge including two stem height ledges. Just to the right of the ledges is a stem height rail that goes down three stairs and ends in another wedge. If you head down the five foot wedge you will come across a two foot tall launch to launch with a five foot deck. There is a rail and ledge combined in the launch to launch. Come to the other side and there is another five foot wedge with a sub box type thing incorporated into a hip. That's pretty much the bulk of the park around the outskirts is a bunch of miniature rails and ledges of all sorts of shapes and sizes.

If you are expecting to come to this park and ride with a bunch of local bikers, then you are going to the wrong park. Bikers hardly ever frequent this park partially because of the lack of big jumps and partially because of the high number of skaters. There are skaters here almost 24 - 7. Lots of them. Don't take this in a negative way though this park is still a lot of fun.

From Highway # 1 take Sumas Way exit north. Keep on heading north on Sumas Way untill you reach the exit for Old Yale Road. Take the exit for Old Yale Road you can only head in one direction so follow that road untill you reach McMillan Rec Center. Pull into the parking lot and head to the east end of the parking lot near the curling rink. After that if you cant find the park then ask someone for directions because its right there.

3 foot quarter pipe with coping.

Mini tit with some ledges and stuff.

Yet another view of the park.

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