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Leeside, Vancouver

UPDATE: This park review is about 2 years old. Currently there is nothing down at Leeside except for a bunch of gravel. We had a few good winters but Leeside is done for now. There are rumors that some small concrete features may get built down there but nothing is for certain.

This is leeside, dark and dusty.

Leeside is a spot that up until now the city has ignored, it's a free for all for bmxers, skaters and graf artists. leeside was originally started by a skater named lee who got the pm skateboards trailer down there somehow. after that more wood and more ramps kept getting added and modified in a never ending process that keeps things changing. the park is in an unused tunnel under hastings, it's all sketchy wood ramps, it's lit at night, almost always deserted very, very fun.

the top end of the tunnel starts out with the pm trailer that has two 4' quarters stuck together with wedges at either end. beside that is the big roll-in that was built to give you speed for the box jump that was recently built. the box jump is about 5' high with a 6' long deck. after the box jump is a 6' quarter hip with a big wedge landing. beside the wedge is a 5' quarter that you can't really see in the photos. it has coping on it and it is slowly sliding down the wall, getting mellower every year.

at the other end of the park is a new 5' quarter with a trough where coping should be that you can stall in. against the other wall is a 6' quarter that goes right up to vert and right up the wall. beside that is a 4' quarter with a little 1' wide deck on it, good for wallrides. then there's the 5' street spine and the 4 1/2' tranny to tranny box with the sub-rail on top. the sub-rail is right at bar height.

as you can see from the photos leeside is pretty dark, kinda dirty, full of sketchy ramps made from found materials, and is totally covered in graffiti. this is the main problem that the city is having with the park. one side of the tunnel is a park and the pne and on the other side is the emergency response building so noise isn't the problem. there are skateparks all over the lower mainland so that isn't the problem either. the problem is that the graffiti artists, after spraying all over the walls, ramps, ceiling, and floor of leeside finally ran out of room and started to paint the walls outside of the tunnel and into the neighborhood nearby. because of this graffiti problem leeside may be shut down soon so get there while you can.

If you go to Leeside now you might notice that half of this stuff is missing. That's just the way Leeside is. Things burn down or get torn down to make new stuff, it's always changing. This review is a snapshot of what Leeside looked like in it's prime.

E. pender at rupert under hastings st. (near the pne) from the south-west corner of hastings and where you get onto the highway (there are traffic lights here), there is a walkway that goes down to an alley way. follow this walkway and turn around at the bottom to head back under the street.

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pm skateboards trailer, wedge, quarter, quarter, wedge, all 4' tall.

here's the big roll-in. there's no railing on the back of it so it's a straight 20' fall to broken boards and empty spray cans off the back.

5' box jump.

6' quarter to wedge hip and you can barely see the 5' quarter with coping in the background.

the 6' vert quarter that goes straight up the wall.

4' quarter with a narrow little deck.

the new 4 1/2' quarter with a railing on the back. there's a trough for coping but there's no coping in it. it's pretty cool.

here's the 5' street spine.

this is the 4' tranny to tranny box with the sub-rail on top.

the sub-rail is a big board that sits right at bar height.